Our Mission

At CGT, our goal is to create high-performing sports and landscape turf with eco-friendly practices. Through extensive research, we develop advanced artificial turf solutions that deliver unmatched performance. Our commitment to sustainability minimizes environmental impact, using eco-friendly materials and processes. We offer top-quality turf that aligns with customers' needs, promoting a greener future.

R&D Efforts

Our R&D team and advanced equipment play a vital role in our pursuit of excellence. We have successfully developed FIFA-certified systems to cater to the needs of high-performing sports. By cooperating with the world-renown advanced laboratories, we strive to deliver artificial grass solutions that offer reliable performance, durability, and safety. Our commitment to R&D allows us to stay at the forefront of industry standards, providing customers with quality sports turf they can rely on.

R&D Achievement
100% Recyclable Solutions – LRG Series

CGT’s revolutionary LRG recyclable grass is the 5th generation of artificial turf – a 100% recyclable & eco-friendly solution designed solve end-of-life disposal issues and reduce carbon emissions. This environmentally friendly series, is lead-free, non-toxic and durable. It is also easier to transport and handle compared to regular turf.  

CGT-LRG is an innovative, environmentally friendly artificial turf. Crafted over three years, it addresses energy consumption, pollution, and recycling challenges. With its advanced manufacturing process, it guarantees 100% recyclability, zero formaldehyde emissions, ultra-low TVOC, and excellent performance, fulfilling future artificial turf needs.

Our Cutting-edge Hotmelt Backing Technology

Using a directed thermal system, the artificial turf is produced by applying localized pressure to bond the grass fibers, base cloth, and non-woven fabric into a high-polymer composite, giving the turf sufficient performance for use.

We understand the importance approaching each workintegrally and believe in the power of simple and easy communication.

Fully recyclable ,no latex or PU backing

100% polyolefin turf , with PE fibers andpolyolefin-woven backing , is suitable forrecycling without separating the yarnsbefore disposal

Excellent Water Permeability

The super permeable backing acheiveswater drainage rate > 50L / m2 / h to effectivelyavoid water pooling or logging

Extra-strong Tuft Lock

CGTS advanced hotmelt technology allowseach tuft of fibers to be firmly locked into thebacking , making it suitable for more intensive and longer-hour use

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