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Citygreen Turf designs and manufactures high-quality and wide-ranging leisure turf products to cater to your needs.

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Why Choose CGT Landscape Turf
Child & Pet Friendly
UV Resistant
Realistic Look
Optimal Drainage
Underfoot Comfort
Extra Wear-resistance & Long-lasting Durability

Citygreen Turf is designed with extra wear-resistancethat stand up to heavy use and varying climatic conditions, providing a warranty of up to 8 years.

Equilibrium between Softness and Anti-aging

Thanks to our advanced lab and experienced R&D team,

Citygreen Turf has developed formulas to strike a fine

balance between the softness and anti-weathering,

ensuring a luxurious and comfortable feel while effectively

preserving the turf's longevity and durability.

Eco-friendly and Safe for Children and Pets

To guarantee the highest safety standards, our turf products undergo rigorous testing and have successfully passed CE, ASTM, REACH, and ROHS tests. Free of heavy-metal or hazardous substance, it is an ideal choice for residential gardens and backyards.    

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