Citygreen Turf offers a range of high-quality, non-filled artificial grass for sports applications. This infill-free synthetic grass is designed to meet the demands of soccer, football, and various sports while providing an eco-friendly alternative to traditional turf systems.


CGT no infill required grass mats eliminate the need for rubber crumb infill while maintaining excellent performance characteristics. This makes our no rubber crumb infill turf an ideal choice for football clubs and teams looking for a low-maintenance, high-performance surface that is also environmentally friendly.


As a FIFA licensee, Citygreen Turf FIFA certified football field grass is engineered to meet the highest standards of durability and playability. We offer customized color football club artificial grass, C shape fiber football grass, football team practice turf, customized logo printed sports grass and more to match your team or club's branding.


Additionally, our UV resistant soccer field turf is built to withstand the elements, ensuring your fake grass for soccer fields looks and performs at its best for years to come. With no infill required, our eco-friendly no infill turf is easier to maintain and reduces the risk of microplastic pollution associated with rubber crumb infill.


When you choose Citygreen turf for your infill-free synthetic grass needs, you can trust that you're getting a product that combines innovation, sustainability, and superior performance. Our non-filled artificial grass solutions are perfect for creating eco-friendly, low-maintenance sports surfaces that deliver an exceptional playing experience for athletes at all levels.