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Padel Court Dimensions and Synthetic Turf System

May 18 , 2022

Why is padel so popular nowadays? What are the dimensions of a padel court? What is the most suitable playing surface for padel?



Padel is a racket sport and typically played in doubles. First invented in Mexico in 1969, it is very popular in Spain and several countries in Latin America, especially Mexico, Argentina, and Chile. It is also relatively popular in the Middle East and East Asia. Padel sport gained an explosion in popularity during the COVID-19 pandemic and it’s predicted to be even trendier in the upcoming years.



(Padel area at ISPO 2014, credit: Wikipedia)



Panoramic padel court size is 10 meters wide and 20 metres long. The superstructure is made from connecting 3m high x 2m wide panels, with an additional 1m mesh height over the glass back walls (10m walls). This additional 1m height is continued for 2m from each corner over the side walls also. This means that the back walls and service corners are actually 4m in height, with the remaining side walls are 3m in height. Glass panels make up the back walls and service side walls (closest 2 side panels to back walls), whilst metal mesh panels occupy the sides.



Artificial turf is very suitable as the playing surface for padel as it is much softer than cement and concrete, and much stabler than natural grass. This offers considerable advantages for players for lesser injuries and better ball rebound. Moreover, artificial turf can come with customizable colors for unique visual appeal! CGT has developed a new synthetic turf series specially for padel, which features high-density texturized monofilaments and fibrillated yarns. We also offer drawing design and one-stop purchasing of glass panel system. Check out our padel grass series


CGT’s padel court projects

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