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Artificial Leisure Grass DIY Installation Steps

December 13 , 2021

Before installing the artificial turf, you should:

  1. Remove the weeds and natural grass on the soil/ground.
  2. Compact the sub-base (soil/ concrete) and make sure it’s flat and smooth.
  3. Make sure the back of the grass and joint tape are dry and clean before installation.


We suggest that you should install your turf on a dry day at the temperature between 10-30℃. Work in humid and rainy day is not suggested, because the joints will be easily loosened.


Lay out your turf:

If you have more than one rolls, be sure the blades are facing the same direction, Stretch the rolls and carefully nudge it into the right position.


Cut and trim:

Trim or cut the extra edges with a carpet cutter or a razor knife from the back. Be sure to cut the carpet a little larger to ensure full coverage and avoid visible seams.



This part is a little bit trickier. For concrete base, you need to prepare joint tapes (non self-adhesive) and glue (as shown below).


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Joint tape
(non self-adhesive)

(Large barrel)

(Retail size)

1、Layout the joint tape under the edge, brush the glue onto the tape (side up) and the backing of the joint position of artificial grass. The glue should be brushed evenly & averagely. Wait until the glue is 80%-90% dry & non-sticky, then press down the grass roll edge to adhesive firmly.

You are strongly advised against gluing the down side of the tape on to the concrete, because expansion and contraction will cause crack on the joint position.


2、If you choose self-adhesive tape, just lay it down of the joint position and tape the two carpets together. Make sure the adhesive side up.


(Self-adhesive tapes)


For soil base, secure the turf with galvanized U shape and straight nails. Pin U shape nails across the edge into the soil and straight nails around the perimeter. Space the nails every 1.5-2 meters.


(Galvanized nails)


Press and brush:

Place the edge back down then adhesive as firmly as possible. Step on the seamed edge to ensure they are stuck down to the adhesive tape. Use a bristle broom to brush the turf in the same direction. This will help the blades to stand upright with a natural look.

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